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RnR Recovery for our Deployed Armed Forces, and their families, upon returning home.

(1) Project Summary: To provide RnR Recovery Retreats to our deployed Armed Forces, and their dependents, after returning home from a stressful overseas deployment.  The retreats create opportunities for these families to meet other military families who have dealt with similar hardships during their deployments and to bond over their shared experiences and in the process create lasting memories with their families and friends.

(2) Target Population: Active Armed Forces returning from an overseas deployment. We have provided RnR Recovery Retreats to over 300 deployed Army, Navy, Air Forces, Marines and Special Operation Forces from over 35 different states that are based at numerous Air Bases, Forts and military installations around the country.

(3)  Program Goals: Because of our ongoing conflicts and campaigns against Terror attacks around the globe, our current active service members are often times, being tasked to deploy multiple times in the span of their military careers. This is unprecedented in our country‚Äôs history.  We have discovered and witnessed many benefits experienced by our selected military families and the impact we are having on these deserving families.  Our goals for these RnR Recovery Retreats are three fold.

  1. Reintegration & Resiliency: Allows our service members to reconnect and bond with their loved ones after a long duration separation by providing a fun, relaxing and low stress environment without the large financial burden normally associated with a family vacation that helps them transition to life back home after a deployment.
  2. Reconnection: Offers family bonding and marriage enrichment activities to help reduce the divorce rates among deployed service members that have been escalating at an alarming rate in recent years and help ease the debilitating effects of the invisible wounds (PTSD), stress and uncertainty that have deteriorated many marriages.  
  3. Recognition: Unites the local community to rally around our military families, support them and to express our gratitude for their service and sacrifices to our country. Our programs also acknowledge the contributions of the military spouse that serves along side the service member and in some cases is also an active service member.

(4) Expected Outcomes: By the end of 2018 we will have provided over 500 RnR Recovery Vacations to our deployed Armed Forces, and their families, totaling over 2,000 military members and their dependents, along with providing over 20,000 meals to these families.  By providing a no-cost, low-stress vacation environment along with various family bonding and marriage activities during their stay, we have allowed these service members, and their families, to have a more successful reintegration to life back home after a deployment, and have helped to repair at risk marriages that were in need of some quality time together.

(5) Estimated Timeline for Program Execution: Each year we provide around 100 of these RnR trips to active service members that are currently serving in the Army,Navy, Air Force Marines and Special Operation Forces.